How your donations help

At Osler Foundation, we enable William Osler Health System (Osler) to pursue its vision of providing "patient-inspired health care without boundaries". Our team's highly-valued partners include a volunteer Board of Directors, whose members come from all walks of life. We seek advice from community and business leaders of vision. An experienced financial committee guides how donations are managed and distributed. And of course, we couldn't do it without you.

Today, Osler has entered an era of exceptional growth, success and need never before seen in our history. With your invaluable support, we're providing the exemplary health care that you and your family deserve, today. We need your help to ensure the excellence of this care, tomorrow. Funds raised will help us provide you with:

  • faster, life-changing diagnosis using the most advanced, new and upgraded equipment
  • enhanced care and expanded clinical programs
  • larger, redeveloped hospitals
  • customized programs that adapt to our community as it grows and changes
  • innovative, new healing spaces dedicated to specific needs

You, William Osler Health System, Osler Foundation: we are partners. For life.

Our Vision
Healthier communities through giving.

Our Mission
Inspire our communities to invest in exceptional health care close to home.

Our Values
Respect - responsiveness to the needs, wishes and interests of our donors, the community and William Osler Health System

Passion - excitement and pride in William Osler Health System, its programs and people

Teamwork – inclusiveness through partnerships internally and externally with our broad and diverse communities

Innovation – nurturing excellence through creative thinking, willingness to embrace new opportunities and continuous improvement

You think carefully about where to donate, so we are grateful and proud when you choose to give to Osler.

We have many different ways to donate, and can help you find the project and way to give that is perfect for you. Find out more.

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