How your donations help

Did you know that all of the equipment in our hospitals is funded by the community?
All of it. That’s why your donation is so important. Osler Foundation works with you to raise money for essential equipment like ventilators, vital signs monitors, vein finders, stretchers, wheelchairs and electric beds.
Nobody wants to go to the hospital. But when you need it, it’s a whole lot easier if your hospital is close to home. With your help, our hospitals are able to provide exemplary health care in your own backyard.

Look to the future

We want to make sure the best available equipment is here for you when you need it. Unfortunately it’s not a buy-it-once-and-it’s-done scenario. To meet the needs of a large and growing population, Osler hospitals give this equipment a run for its money every day. And aging equipment needs to be replaced.
Your donation helps us provide:

  • faster, life-changing diagnoses using the most advanced equipment
  • enhanced care and expanded clinical programs
  • larger, more efficient hospitals
  • customized programs to meet the unique needs of our community
  • innovative healing spaces

Your donation is an investment in exceptional health care close to home. Our hospitals are here for you when you need them—today and tomorrow.

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