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Bryan and Barb Held

Thank you for a lifetime of giving

Bryan and Barb Held Image

Bryan and Barb Held have been faithful supporters, as donors and volunteers, of Osler for over 25 years.

Bryan joined the Peel Memorial Hospital finance and advisory committee in the early 90’s and was Chair of Osler’s Board of Directors from 2003 to 2005.

The Helds understand that community funding plays a big role in meeting changing health care needs, and the requirements of an evolving and diversifying population.

“I am so pleased that they are building a new hospital on the site of Peel Memorial because that is what the community needs,” says Bryan. “Donating was something we wanted to do, to give back to the community that has been such an important part of our lives.”

The Helds have a passion for Osler, perhaps because of the many memorable moments shared at our hospitals. Their three children – two sons and a daughter – were all student volunteers at Peel Memorial Hospital, and today their daughter practices medicine.

“The medical services at the old Peel Memorial were superb in every sense of the word,” says Bryan, and his wife could not agree more.

“I have had it both ways, as I have been a patient at Osler receiving treatment for thyroid cancer and a heart condition, and was a volunteer at Peel and Brampton Civic, serving on the volunteer Board of Directors. I found that the people are what made the hospital. The walls don’t matter as much as the care you are getting and the people you are dealing with, and I always had a very good experience at the hospitals,” says Barb.

They realized how important it is for individuals to donate. Both Bryan and Barb know the difference that individual contributions can make. “The community needs to understand that the government does not pay for equipment, and that is why we stepped up,” said Bryan. “Without community funding the hospital can’t equip itself to keep delivering the outstanding service that it provides.”

“I think people have to realize how lucky a lot of them are in life and realize that one day they are going to be on the other end, needing help. Donating to their hospital will help ensure they receive the care they and their families will need in the future,” says Barb. “Donating helps ensure the community receives the same top notch care in the years to come.”