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Donor Profile: Jean Douglas

Health care close to home, when it was needed most

Donor Profile: Jean Douglas Image
Jean Douglas is not a new donor to Osler Foundation—she’s long known the need for community support to equip our hospitals—but this past summer she was an Osler patient for the first time. The care she received from the Health Care Heroes at Brampton Civic inspired her to make a gift in honour of each department that cared for her.

It started with a trip to the Emergency Department where it was discovered the pain she was experiencing was caused by a colon perforation. She had surgery right away and then spent time in the Intensive Care and Medicine units before moving on to Rehab. Jean spent just over two months in hospital and was impressed with the level of care she received at each step of her journey.

“I received fantastic care from every angle,” says the long-time Brampton resident. “The nurses in the ICU were incredible. Although their faces were covered, their eyes were very compassionate.

“And I can’t say enough about the nurses in Rehab. I tried not to ask for too much, but they were always there. Even the girls and guys who cleaned the floors—everyone would stop and talk. They were all exceptionally friendly.”

Now at home, Jean will require one more surgery to complete her recovery but, recognizing the added demands the pandemic is placing on health care, she says she’s in no hurry. “So many other people need help. I can wait.”

Jean says her hospital stay allowed her to see firsthand the difference donor support makes to patient care. “I had been a donor previously, once or twice a year, and when all this happened we wanted to make an additional gift for the treatment I received,” she says. “I received wonderful care from everyone at Brampton Civic. I wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone to go there.”


Now more than ever, your hospital needs your help. Vital life-saving equipment is needed to ensure that our hospitals can keep up with demand. Double your impact and support your Health Care Heroes with a gift today: oslerfoundation.org/covid19.