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Physician Spotlight: Dr. Karen Gronau

Obstetrician, Brampton Civic Hospital, and donor

Physician Spotlight: Dr. Karen Gronau Image
Dr. Karen Gronau received her medical degree and completed her residency at the University of Toronto, and joined Brampton Civic in 2011 as an Obstetrician and Gynecologist. She works alongside a team of health professionals in the areas of gynecology, obstetrics and maternal-fetal medicine.
Dr. Gronau recently donated to the Physician’s Campaign to fund the purchase of new equipment for Brampton Civic’s Obstetrics Department. “It is only through private donations that our hospital will continue to be well-equipped to serve families when they need it most. We rely on these gifts because they make a tangible difference, and hopefully my donation will inspire others to also give.”
“I am very proud to work with Brampton Civic’s team of obstetricians. They truly share an important goal – their commitment to providing the best care for patients and their families. Osler serves a very diverse population and we celebrate and respect cultural differences and choices. We have a lot of patient needs that are pretty different from other hospitals,” says Dr. Gronau.
“The Osler community has one of the highest birth rates in Ontario,” she adds. “We’ve planned our services at Brampton Civic and the new Peel Memorial, which is opening soon, with those facts in mind. They will include expanded clinics in breast feeding and early pregnancy to allow us to provide women with care from the time they conceive until after they deliver.”