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Physician Spotlight: Dr. Sameer D’Souza

Site Chief, Emergency Department, Etobicoke General Hospital

Physician Spotlight: Dr. Sameer D’Souza Image
A donor to the Physician’s Campaign, Dr. D’Souza says, “Osler gave me my first opportunity to serve as an Emergency Physician 15 years ago. Since then, my children were born at Etobicoke General and the people I work with have become a second family.”
With the new wing scheduled to open in 2018, Dr. D’Souza is looking forward to providing care in the bright, new, modern Emergency Department.
“Etobicoke General Hospital’s Emergency Department has the shortest wait time to see a physician in the province,” says Dr. D’Souza. “We hope to leverage further efficiencies in our new Emergency Department to serve the needs of our growing community.”
“I believe in paying it forward to my hospital because our community needs and deserves this,” says Dr. D’Souza. “The Emergency Department is the biggest touch point for a community… through the cycle of life, everyone depends on us. As a physician who treats emergency patients every day, I know that up-to-date equipment in the hands of our medical professionals means efficient diagnosis and treatment, and results in the outcome we all hope for: faster healing and shorter stays in the hospital.”