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Physician Profile: Brampton Civic’s General Surgeons

“We give to increase access to care, to support innovation and to improve results.”

Physician Profile: Brampton Civic’s General Surgeons ImageTop (l-r): Dr. Priya Chopra; Dr. Anand Pandya; Dr. Azhar Malik; & Dr. Pavi Kundhal (seated); Middle (l-r): Dr. Kal Belay (seated); Dr. Ted McAlister; Dr. Stewart Lo; & Dr. Farzan Ali; Bottom (l-r): Dr. Rardi van Heest; Dr. Quynh Pham; & Dr. Alan Davison
If you have been to Brampton Civic lately, you may have noticed a series of posters on the service elevators near the auditorium featuring Brampton Civic’s eleven General Surgeons.

These physicians are the latest team of Osler doctors to make a group pledge to Osler Foundation, joining the ranks of other physicians across Osler.

“We all work here and want to help,” says Dr. Priya Chopra, Brampton Site Chief of General Surgery, speaking on behalf of the Brampton Civic General Surgeons. “We deliver excellent quality care through more than 3,500 general surgery procedures a year. By donating, we can help to build on this excellence and set a good example.”

“For example, our enhanced recovery after bowel surgery program is helping patients to recover faster, go home sooner and experience improved outcomes,” says Dr. Chopra. “We are also improving access to surgery to diagnose and treat breast cancer, which will help to reduce the anxiety associated with waiting for surgery.”

“We also have a skilled team of surgeons exclusively dedicated to treat acutely ill emergency patients who need surgery and care right away,” says Dr. Chopra. “Our gift will help to fund equipment that allows us to continuously innovate and improve access to surgery that saves lives and provides improved quality of life. We’re proud to give and work where patient-inspired care is a priority.”