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Staff Spotlight: Katharine Havill

Her work became her commitment

Staff Spotlight: Katharine Havill Image“Besides hard work, we had fun. The enthusiasm and caring are what allowed our team to do extraordinary things.” - Katharine Havill
Katharine Havill, or Kathy as she is known, has never been a patient in Osler’s hospitals, and yet she is committed to supporting the new Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness.
Kathy became Osler’s Director, Planning and Programming, Capital Development after 25 years in health care administration at Hamilton Health Sciences. She retired on July 31, 2015, but not before becoming known as a driving force in the planning of various capital projects, including Peel Memorial.
“The Peel project is near to my heart. Planning and designing this unique and innovative building has been the highlight of my project management career,” said Kathy. “And it was truly a team effort, as capital development worked with a wide spectrum of users who gave up a lot of their time to share their vision of health care and what was needed in the new Peel Memorial facility.”
“When offered the opportunity to lead the Peel Memorial project management process, I was excited to embark on this new avenue in my career.”
“Although I had been a regular donor through the employee giving program as I believe strongly in supporting the vision of Osler’s redevelopment, I decided to make a special donation to Peel Memorial because this donation would add to the wonderful memories of my time at Osler.” Kathy’s donation was in memory of her husband’s brother, Jim Havill, who had been a dialysis patient for over 30 years in Hamilton and who had been committed to improving the dialysis patient experience. Kathy felt his dedication and courage were commendable, as he had mentored other patients as they transitioned through the renal program. Her gift to Peel Memorial’s Dialysis Unit was meant to further Jim’s commitment to improving care for dialysis patients.
We are grateful to donors like Kathy. Her overwhelming commitment will be felt for years to come as Peel opens its doors next year.