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It's Personal

"It’s a boy!"
"They caught it in time. Dad’s going to be fine."
"Yes, she put a bean up her nose. The doctor calmed her down and got it out right away."
"My friend Bill, who needs dialysis? Now he gets it while he sleeps overnight at the hospital!"

Part of being human is telling our stories to family, friends, and neighbours. It’s how we share what’s important to us, how we connect with the people we know. And when we hear these stories, they touch us because they’re all about things we have in common: celebration, compassion, trust, and yes, how we were helped when we were worried or scared.

Your stories about Osler will touch and inspire others.

Your stories about the life-changing care you or a loved one received at Osler are important to us. Because while we who work with the dedicated professionals at Brampton Civic, Etobicoke General, and Peel Memorial see how they help patients every day, not everyone else does. And it’s your stories that will touch the hearts of your community more than anything we can say.

You can inspire others to give to Osler so that every story can have a happy ending. We invite you to share your story and inspire us all.

We’re delighted to share the heartwarming stories of our donors and hospital family.