Cause Marketing

Supporting a good cause matters to customers and staff and raises your organization’s profile in the community. Your partnership with Osler Foundation will increase brand awareness and customer loyalty while helping to improve health care for your customers, employees and the community.

It’s easy to get started. Some organizations, like Shoppers Drug Mart, ask customers to add a donation to their purchases. This creates awareness for the organization and for Osler’s hospitals, and raises critical funds to invest in equipment, technology and up-to-date facilities.

Other examples of cause marketing campaigns include:

  • Paper icon (cut-out) sales
  • Coin box collections
  • Donating a percentage of sales event

How can your business start right away?
Call or email a Foundation representative to begin a partnership and develop a program that works for you.

Kamalpreet Bhangu, Senior Coordinator, Community Giving
416.494.2120 ext. 39326 or

Mary Watson, Manager, Community Giving
905.494.2120 ext. 29138 or

Aarti Sethi, Manager, Community Giving
905.494.2120 ext. 59814 or