Osler Future Leaders

Osler Future Leaders is a group of young professionals that have come together to raise funds and awareness for William Osler Health System Foundation.  They're passionate, driven and dedicated individuals committed to ensuring quality health care is available close to home.  

Lorena Cevallos, Co-Chair
Amy Horrocks, Co-Chair
Lori Ossip, Advisor, Founder
Fundraising Committee
Ugur Kocak, Chair
Jake Barkin
Jonathan Menchella
Dea Singh
Erica Publow
Aviv Tsimerman

Events Committee
Ron Burshtein, Chair
Michelle Lazaris
Alice Li
Morgan Rosenberg
Lori-Elle Scheftz
Marketing Committee
Erin Epstein, Chair
Emily Horrocks
Adam Levitt
Julian Smith
Community Engagement
Morgan Rosenberg, Chair
Finance Committee
Ugur Kocak, Chair

We are currently looking to add members to our team!  
What you will do - As an Osler Future Leader, you will be taking an active role in helping the foundation obtain the resources needed to service some of the busiest (yet most efficient!) hospitals in the GTA. We are currently looking for members willing to contribute their time and skills to one of 3 committees:

  1. Fundraising vice-chair position available - prior fundraising experience required
  2. Fundraising Committee members - Individuals ready to hustle and help us achieve our financial goals
  3. Marketing and Communications - Social Media / PR & Community building positions available
  4. Event planning roles available

What the time commitment looks like - The Osler Future Leaders hold meetings on Tuesday evenings at7:30 PM, twice a month in the Downtown area. As an active member, you will be expected to attend these meetings either in person (preferred) or over the phone.

You will also be expected to attend our events and help out with event execution. That being said, if you are looking for opportunities to get involved and do not have the time to commit to becoming an active member, you are welcome to apply as a casual member and attend our events to help out!
Who you are - We are looking for individuals who are:

  1. Committed to helping our hospitals provide amazing service
  2. Motivated to meet people and work with others towards a common goal
  3. Outcome-focused, creative, and ready to help us improve
  4. Collaborative team players who build relationships easily
  5. Reliable and responsible members that we can trust

What we promise you - At Osler Future Leaders,we believe that you are the driver of your own growth within our group. As such, we offer flexibility to move between committees and take on leadership roles if you are interested. We offer an open environment to make connections with people with similar interests, and we are always open to growing our member base.
How to apply - Send your application package to info@oslerfutureleaders.com
Your application package should contain:

  • A cover letter letting us know why you would like to join (250 words max)
  • Your resume and contact information
Osler Future Leaders event details and registration can be found in the events calendar.   


You can connect with Osler Future Leaders by emailing info@oslerfutureleaders.com, visiting their Facebook page or visiting their Instagram page.