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Ways to Give

Different people. Different ways to give.

It happens to most of us, sooner or later. That moment when someone you love is in a hospital bed and you're willing them to please wake up…and they do. Or your oncologist smiles and says he has good news. Chances are, you've had a life-changing moment at one of Osler's hospitals. That is the moment we need you to remember now, when you're considering where you're going to donate your hard-earned money. Because by donating to Osler, you will help to ensure your family, friends, and neighbours can also have that life-changing moment of relief and thankfulness.

We know there are a lot of very worthwhile organizations that could benefit from your help. That’s why we’re so proud, and grateful, when you choose to give a gift to Osler. And why we make this promise to you: by donating to William Osler Health System Foundation, you’ll be helping to maintain – and even improve – the kind of best-in-class health care you want and deserve for yourself and your loved ones.

So when you're deciding where to donate and how much, please: remember your own, life-changing moment at Osler. And give so we can continue to change the lives of others, as well. 

We make it easy for you to donate.

You can support William Osler Health System Foundation in many different ways. Take a look at how some of your neighbours have donated in the following pages, to help you find the program that is right for you.