Planned Giving

“Our family’s experience with cancer, coupled with the excellent care we received at Osler hospitals, led us to leave a gift to Osler through our estate planning. We worked all our lives to put together a nest egg. I’d like to think that, when we’re gone, we’ve left a mark – that we’ve left something behind that will never go away.”
- Sabu and Donna Pathan

You love your family, your friends and your community, and want them to be well cared for in the future. A gift to Osler in your will is a gift of exceptional health care that will touch the lives of countless people for generations to come. You’ll also be:

  • Contributing to a cause you believe in
  • Making a gift that continues long into the future
  • Recognized for your generosity today

We’d be delighted to help you discover the gift that’s right for you.

For more information
If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact Nicole McCahon, Vice President, Philanthropy, at 905.863.2419 or