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Did you know...

…how important you are?
We need your help to ensure our dreams of health care excellence come true.

…that not all funding is covered by the Government? 
With the Government of Ontario’s generous support, 90% of the funding needed for the exciting upgrades and expansions planned is covered. However, it is expected that the other 10% of construction costs and 100% of the funds for equipment for all three hospitals will come through fundraising within the community. 

...that we need your involvement right now?   
We need the help of individuals, organizations and businesses to make sure that the spaces and programs are designed to provide the best care, from Emergency visits to managing chronic disease. And to ensure that everyone receives the life-enhancing information needed to live every day in greater health. Improvements like these are just a few examples of how your support will be used for the transformation of Etobicoke General, with its new, four-storey wing, the new Peel Memorial, which is changing the shape of health care for you, your family, and your friends, and Brampton Civic, as it changes and evolves to meet the needs of the growing community.