Where Your Money Goes

Osler donors give in unprecedented numbers and amounts, helping to build and then fill our hospitals with the medical equipment and technologies needed to support great patient care in our community.

In 2017/18, many donors stepped forward with gifts of every size to collectively make health care better for us all.

The impact of this extraordinary giving is felt in every area of our hospitals, from our emergency rooms to our Paediatric Units, our operating rooms to our Critical Care Units. A few of the many examples of equipment available in our hospitals right now thanks to our donors include:

  • Vital signs monitors for our Diabetes, Cardiac, Ambulatory Care, Maternal Newborn, Paediatrics, Oncology, and Mental Health Units – used to measure and monitor a patient’s temperature, pulse, breathing, and blood pressure.
  • Ultrasound machines for diagnostic imaging – used to achieve fast, accurate diagnosis for our patients.
  • Wheelchairs to transport patients safely and efficiently to their next clinic appointment.
  • Clinic treatment chairs for our Oncology Clinic to ensure that our patients have the most assuring experience possible during the course of their treatment plan.
  • Cooling blankets for our Emergency Department – used in first aid recovery, such as heat stress – to help manage body temperature, especially following events of sudden stress, such as cardiac arrest.
  • Navigator probes for our Surgical Department – used as a guide during surgical procedures to target and remove the tiniest nodes or tumours and help patients get better.
  • Lab automation equipment for our Laboratories – used to perform assessments and measurements to help our technologists study and interpret test results that will help our physicians diagnose and treat patients in the best way possible.

On behalf of all those who count on our hospitals for care – as many as 2,000 people a day! – thank you for choosing to invest in health care. There are few things as important as your community hospital and we are so grateful for your support.