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Alan Boughton


December 28, 2016 - Donor Story, Stories

Honouring doctors for compassionate care

Alan Boughton, President of Trailcon Leasing, talks about being diagnosed and treated for ulcerative colitis at age 37.

He was diagnosed after undergoing a colonoscopy, but wasn’t worried because he knew it was treatable. After treatment at the old Peel Memorial, he felt well and he had an objective. “I want to live every day positively, and to give back. One of my goals is to educate those at risk about early detection and screening.”

Al is profoundly grateful for the compassionate work of the physicians who cared for him through the years at Peel Memorial, including Dr. John Tracey, Dr. Jonathan Giddens and Dr. Bashir Sachedina. Al’s trust and respect for these doctors prompted him, along with Trailcon Leasing, to donate $75,000 to equip three rooms, named in their honour, at the new Peel Memorial.

The Boughton family’s philanthropy is motivated by a desire to fulfill a need in the community. Al understands donations are essential to Osler Foundation’s $30 million Peel Memorial campaign, which will help purchase more than 10,000 pieces of equipment.

“Peel Memorial is where our entire family has been taken care of,” says Al. “Equipping the new hospital is our way of recognizing our doctors for their compassionate care and expertise, and that means a lot to me.”