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Amica Helping Hands Charity


February 12, 2019 - Donor Story, Stories

The Amica Helping Hands Charity is committed to helping underprivileged seniors in Canada. Their search for a community partner that supports the holistic health of seniors led them to the Centre for Senior’s Wellness and Rehabilitation at Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness. It’s a partnership that Doug MacLatchy, Chair of the Board, Amica Helping Hands Charity and CEO, Amica Senior Lifestyles calls a “perfect fit”.

“Our business and our charity involve enriching the lives of seniors. When I toured Peel Memorial’s seniors centre and learned about William Osler Health System’s innovative, holistic approach to seniors’ wellness, I knew this was the right place to support to make a significant positive impact on the lives of seniors in need,” says Mr. MacLatchy. “Seniors have contributed so much to our lives as Canadians. It feels good to give back.”

A commitment to Peel Memorial from the Amica Helping Hands Charity will help fund initiatives that improve the health and quality of life of seniors in Brampton, and help provide services such as transportation to medical appointments, purchase of mobility support items and nutrition support.

“Simply put, we want to improve the lives of seniors. Our commitment to Osler Foundation will help provide a variety of services that support Canadian seniors in need.”