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Build Osler: Meeting patient needs with specialized equipment


April 20, 2018 - Media Releases

Build Osler: Meeting patient needs with specialized equipment

A generous group donation from Osler’s Gastroenterologists has helped fund a highly-specialized endoscopic ultrasound system (EUS) that is taking great strides in diagnosing and treating diseases affecting the digestive system. EUS is an endoscope fitted with a camera and ultrasound device, which is used to examine the lining and walls of the upper and lower digestive tracts and nearby internal organs. It is the new standard of care for assessing various disorders of the common bile duct, pancreas, esophagus, stomach and rectum. Before Brampton Civic Hospital began offering EUS in January 2018, patients had to travel out of the region to receive this level of endoscopic care. 

For patients, EUS means tests that are more accurate, with less risk of complications. “An important part of what endoscopic ultrasound offers is the ability to better evaluate potential tumours in areas that are difficult to scan externally, so that we can either obtain tissue samples to confirm the diagnosis or have an accurate evaluation of the tumour for staging purposes. It allows for more appropriate treatment,” says Dr. Eric Ahn, Corporate Division Head of Gastroenterology and donor. 

“Having those answers faster, using less invasive procedures, leads to better patient care,” says Dr. Ahn. “Working with the newest equipment and technology, like endoscopic ultrasound that only a handful of centres in Ontario offer, helps us to continually provide top quality care close to home. As physicians, that’s our constant goal, and that’s why we’re donating.” 

Photo: (L-R) Gastroenterologists and donors: Dr. Vinod Puri, Dr. Issam El-Takli, Dr. Luis Ying, Dr. David Ford, Dr. Andrew Bellini and Dr. Eric Ahn.