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Build Osler: Seeing what is needed


March 30, 2018 - Media Releases

Build Osler: Seeing what is needed

Drs. Tam and Somani treat what people “most fear losing”.

Dr. Eric S. Tam and Dr. Sohel Somani are very aware of how people feel about their eyesight. “It’s the most important sense people value as they age, the thing people most fear losing,” says Dr. Somani, Osler’s Chief of Ophthalmology. One recent patient, James Esler, says he felt he was in good hands when he received injections for macular degeneration and surgery for cataracts. He says, “I was apprehensive when I was losing my vision before, thinking what is going on, but after I saw Dr. Somani, I was not concerned anymore. He gave me the assurance I needed. Today I can see better than I could five years ago.” 

Cataracts, diabetes, and glaucoma are the community’s three most common diagnoses, but the doctors also regularly screen premature babies for retinopathy – literally caring for patients at all stages of life. Family doctors or optometrists refer patients to their clinic for diagnosis and treatment. The doctors generally perform surgical and laser treatments at Osler’s hospitals – most recently at the Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness. 

Recently, Peel Memorial added a Fundus photography unit, operating microscope, and lasers. “Our field is a highly technical subspecialty of medicine. Equipment is needed on an ongoing basis so that we can take advantage of the new technology that can have such positive benefits to patient care and patients’ lives,” says Dr. Tam. 

Both doctors believe that a community with good vision is more vibrant, and that investment in technology is necessary to ensure that good vision. They believe this so strongly that they donate and hope others in the community will join them. Dr. Somani says, “Financial gifts like ours make it possible to provide needed exceptional medical care and capital equipment to do more surgeries. For our community, more resources means we are able to treat more patients.” 

Photo: (L-R) Ophthalmologists and donors at Uptown Eye Specialists, also working at Osler, Dr. Eric S. Tam and Dr. Sohel Somani, Osler’s Chief of Ophthalmology.