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Business owner gives to Osler despite facing economic hardship


May 11, 2020 - Donor Story, Stories

Narinder (known to his friends as “Inder”) Janjua and his wife, Geetu.

COVID-19 may have affected many stores and businesses, but it didn’t stop RK Truck Center owner, Narinder Janjua, from donating $5,000 to the Health Care Heroes Campaign.

Narinder immigrated to Canada more than 18 years ago and made his success in Canada with RK Truck Center. A long-time business partner of Osler, RK Truck Center has a truck service that runs from Brampton Civic to Etobicoke General to deliver meals to patients. Despite a recent 45% reduction in his truck repair business, Narinder says he is happy to help in any way possible. His cousin is a nurse in the Labour and Delivery Unit of Brampton Civic and, as residents of Woodbridge, Narinder and his family have always depended on Osler when they needed urgent care. “We know Brampton Civic and Etobicoke General hospitals well and enjoy working with Osler,” he says.

Narinder is also rallying others in his network to donate to the Campaign. “We’re in a situation that the whole world is fighting for,” he says. “If you can help, and you have the means to give, you should.”

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