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Donor Profile: Dolores Franco


July 31, 2020 - Donor Story, Stories

Dolores Franco has a long history with Etobicoke General Hospital, from taking her kids there for care when they were growing up, to serving on both the Osler Foundation’s and Hospital’s Board of Directors for more than a decade. She notes, too, that her parents received exceptional care at the hospital, including her father at the end of his life. Over the years, she saw the growing need for redevelopment, and was part of the team that worked tirelessly to bring the recent expansion at Etobicoke General to fruition. She understands the important role of community support in providing quality health care close to home.

“Everyone wants top-quality health care, but what a lot of people don't understand is that a community has to be part of providing support, in order for the services to be provided,” says Dolores. “Yes, we have amazing doctors, frontline workers, and directors—and all of that is great—but we also need financial support from the community to make sure we have state-of-the-art equipment. That's very important.”

Though the need for support is always great, Dolores also recognizes the immense demand for health care brought about by the pandemic. “I believe it is the responsibility of every Ontarian to support the local hospitals through this pandemic,” she says, “Think of the frontline workers who go in to our hospitals knowing they're treating COVID patients, or facing the possibility of being in an area that's infected with COVID, yet they go in. The least we can do as a community is support them, give them what they need. It is our responsibility.”

Ever a champion for Osler, Dolores rallied support for our Health Care Heroes campaign, securing a generous gift from Castlepoint Investments and Mattamy Homes in recognition of the good work of Osler’s physicians and staff.

“I think they’re doing an amazing job. I admire the courage they show so that we, the community members, can stay healthy or can recover if we are ill. I have nothing but admiration for everyone. On behalf of our families, a heartfelt thank you.”