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Donor Profile: Maple Lodge Farms


August 10, 2020 - Donor Story, Stories

Today, Maple Lodge Farms is the largest independent chicken processor in Canada, but the company remains true to its humble roots as a small family farm. The company is still owned and operated by the founding family.

“Maple Lodge Farms is ‘family first’,” says Kristina Joyner, Member of the Maple Lodge Farms Board of Directors. “We've operated our business for 65 years in Brampton, and supporting families in the community has always been really important to the family and part of our #FamilyFirst culture.”

Among their many philanthropic efforts, health care has long been a priority for Maple Lodge Farms. When the pandemic struck, they wanted to continue to support health care close to home, which they have done with a generous gift to Osler Foundation’s Health Care Heroes campaign.

“With the challenges presented by COVID, we thought about what we could effectively do to help the communities we operate in,” says Kristina. "We decided to focus on providing chicken to organizations helping those in need and to supporting health care workers.

“It's important for those who can, to help frontline workers who are fighting tirelessly against this disease right now. Without them, we wouldn't stand a chance against COVID and it's where the focus needs to be with regard to giving.”