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Giving back in life and beyond: The Crosses


May 21, 2020 - Donor Story, Stories

The Crosses—Norman, Grace, Vera and Elsie—were very private people, who didn’t talk about their contributions to the community in general, or to Etobicoke General.

The Cross family grew up with a deepseated belief that it was important to give back to their community. They turned this belief into action and had a long history of supporting their local community hospital, Etobicoke General. This giving began with Norman and Grace Cross, but Norman’s siblings Vera and Elsie were not far behind.

Growing up during the war they learned to live frugally. They worked hard, saved and gave back. The impact of their giving was felt during their lives. When they learned that palliative care patients needed new beds to rest more comfortably, they helped to buy enough mattresses for the entire unit. For more than 20 years, the Cross family helped Etobicoke General—from the laboratory to patient isolation rooms in the emergency department.

Their gifts have touched thousands of lives and made an enormous impact on their community hospital. But their giving didn’t stop there.

Their mission of service continued after their passing. After taking care of each other, Norman, Elsie and Vera gave back to the hospital through gifts in their wills. While they made a lasting impact in life, they also wanted to make a difference long after they were gone. And they have done just that.
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