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Giving Begins at Home: Andrew Asa


June 29, 2021 - Donor Story, Stories

As a Business Project Manager with Osler for over a decade, Andrew Asa has worked in numerous areas of the hospital, meeting staff members and seeing their processes. Brampton Civic is also his community hospital, where he brings his children for treatment. He recognizes the importance of donors from both an employee and a hospital user perspective.

“I don't believe a lot of people know that all the equipment is funded by the community,” says Andrew, an employee donor. “And 10% of the renovations and the capital costs are also funded by the community. By donating to Osler Foundation, you’re helping yourself and your family.”

Working throughout the hospital, Andrew is amazed by the extensive range of equipment in use - from neonatal incubators to MRI machines to emergency generators. He is struck by the necessity of supporting this equipment and the people who use it to serve patients every day.

“It’s all about people and you're really supporting the people you work with,” he says. “I like my job and the people I work with. You do your job out of interest but your job satisfaction comes from the people you work with. Giving back to the hospital makes me feel good.”

The pandemic has limited staff interactions and the opportunity to meet up at social events. It’s a challenge, but Andrew also sees a bright side: “It tells you how important the relationships are, that you already made. I'm fortunate I’ve been able to leverage the relationships I've made in the past to get through this pandemic. You can still reach out to people and you can still have a connection.”

As co-chair of the William Osler Employee Giving Committee, Andrew signed on to support an employee pledge of $1 million in 2015. The largest staff contribution to date, the funds would support redevelopment initiatives at Osler’s three hospital sites. It was an ambitious target, but one that employees tackled with enthusiasm, donating through payroll deductions, one-time donations and fundraising events.

“I hope that people will see that giving to Osler Foundation is giving to the place they work and their family,” Andrew says. “The hospital is here, and you don't appreciate it until you need it. And hopefully you don't need it, but knowing that it's there is so important.”

Ten years ago, Osler and Osler Foundation launched the You Have The Power campaign, with a goal to raise $100 million for buildings and equipment. As part of this campaign, Osler employees committed to donating $1 million. We are proud to report that they reached (and exceeded) their goal!