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Giving Begins at Home: Rachelle De Leon


July 2, 2021 - Donor Story, Stories

We couldn’t be more proud of our Health Care Heroes for the life-changing work they do every day. It speaks to their unbelievable commitment that many Osler employees also choose to donate to our hospitals to fund buildings and equipment.
Rachelle De Leon works as the Clinical Services Manager, Cardiology, Neurology and Corporate Medicine Program Assistants at Etobicoke General and has worked at Osler for 22 years. She has been donating to Osler Foundation since 2014. “We have this community environment here, and it's important to help with our hospital because our population is growing,” she explains. “This community, this hospital, has given so much to me. And I feel like I want to give back.”
Rachelle’s four children were born at Osler hospitals and she wouldn’t have it any other way. “My experience has just been exemplary each time I've come - the nurses care, the doctors care,” she says. “I wouldn't trust any other hospital with my family.”
Rachelle has encouraged her extended family to give too, whether with monthly donations, one-time gifts or attending Osler Foundation’s events. “We've all donated whatever we could, when we could, because we want to support this hospital and this growing community,” she says. “We're very happy to do that because they've supported us through difficult times and through happy times.”
Over two decades with Osler, Rachelle has held various clinical and non-clinical roles. “I started off here as a nurse, and have been lucky enough to be able to transition through different roles in the hospital,” she says. “The leadership has always been a fantastic support and they encourage growth and learning within the organization.”
While the past year has been difficult, Rachelle is proud of the way the team has come together to provide quality patient care.  “And that's because we work 24/7 as leaders and we do that because we are passionate about our patients. We want to ensure that everybody has what they need and they feel protected and supported throughout the pandemic.”
Rachelle is inspired each day by the opportunity to see patients going home. “You know that we've done something to contribute to that, to seeing them get better. We've made a difference in not only the patients’ but their families’ lives.
“This is my family and that's how you feel as soon as you walk in the door, that this is just one big family. And that's the focus, it's on people, it's on the community that we have in and outside of our hospitals. I feel like, not that I have to, but I want to contribute to the growth and to the wellbeing of the organization.”
Ten years ago, Osler and Osler Foundation launched the You Have The Power campaign, with a goal to raise $100 million for buildings and equipment. As part of this campaign, Osler employees committed to donating $1 million. We are proud to report that they reached their goal!