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Gratitude in Action


August 2, 2023 - Donor Story, Stories

Gratitude in Action

Nick and Donna Wheeler have lived in Brampton for over 30 years; it’s where they bought their business and ran it successfully, and where they raised their family.

“We came to Brampton with young children and bought a dental practice; we worked long and hard there in order to make a career for ourselves,” says Nick Wheeler. “In the end, we are very grateful that we were able to earn a living and raise our children in a community that offered all manner of attributes, in great surroundings.”

Inspired by the care they received over the years at William Osler Health System and grateful to the city that gave them their livelihood, Nick and Donna Wheeler wished to share their gratitude by making a generous donation to support both ophthalmology and urgent care at Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health and Wellness.

“We felt that because we gained so much from Brampton, in terms of our livelihood and opportunities for ourselves and our children, we should try to give back to that community. We wished to benefit all cultures and all ages with our donations. The most wholehearted way, in our experience, was to give back through the health field. As proud Brampton citizens, we want to do all we can to support our hospital.”

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