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Kashmir Singh Sandhu


August 17, 2022 - Patient Story, Stories

Life-saving cardiac care close to home

Kashmir Singh Sandhu has been a supporter of Brampton Civic Hospital since it opened. He couldn’t foresee at that time, however, how his monthly donation would impact him personally.

It started as a regular day for Kashmir Singh Sandhu. At 73 years old, Mr. Sandhu took great pride in taking care of himself: he was active, he ate well and was reasonably healthy. So, when he felt pain in his chest he chalked it up to a pulled muscle, or a stressful afternoon at jury selection the day before. But when the pain went on for over an hour and got worse, his wife decided he needed to go to the hospital immediately. It was especially worrisome because Mr. Sandhu’s father was the same age—73—when he had a heart attack and died. 

When Mr. Sandhu arrived at Brampton Civic, blood work and an echocardiogram confirmed that he had experienced a minor heart attack. An angioplasty was performed and physicians found he had four blockages that needed to be addressed—there was no time to lose.

Osler’s team of expert cardiologists put in two stents to help clear the blockages that were threatening his life. Today, Mr. Sandhu is enjoying life and he is incredibly thankful for the life-saving treatment he received at Brampton Civic.  In addition to his monthly donation, Mr. Sandhu has donated to equip a room in honour of his mother who also received care at Brampton Civic.

“They took good care of her,” said Mr. Sandhu. “People should donate as much as they can to the hospital because it needs lots of equipment—the population is growing and there are lots of seniors in Brampton”.