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Make a Lasting Impact with A Gift in your Will


October 28, 2022 - Donor Story, Stories

Make a Lasting Impact with A Gift in Your Will

In 1989, five weeks before her due date, Susan Hamilton’s water broke and she was rushed to the original Peel Memorial Hospital, where doctors performed a C-section. When they delivered her baby, he was blue and not breathing.

“The medical team were simply amazing,” she says. “Scott, my son, took the second chance they gave him, and he fought. A few weeks later, we got to bring him home.”

Scott needed many follow-up appointments to ensure he was developing normally.

“One of the nurses told me that every year, there are one or two ‘miracle babies’ who survived despite incredible odds. They told me with great big smiles that Scott was one of the miracle babies of 1989.” Scott is now 33 years old, but lately Susan has been thinking about the impact William Osler Health System has made on her life and how she can make that impact for others.

“I’ve decided to pay it forward by leaving a gift to Osler in my Will, so that one day another family will receive the same gift of life and health that I did.”

100% of the equipment within our hospitals is funded by the community. Curious about leaving a gift in your will? You can learn more about at the link below. Will Power is also hosting a webinar about the top 7 myths about leaving a charitable gift in your will, you can register for the next session here.