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Morguard Investments


May 14, 2019 - Donor Story, Stories

Morguard is committed to giving back. “We support many charitable organizations,” said Margaret Knowles, Morguard’s SVP Development. “It’s part of our corporate social responsibility platform that Morguard takes very seriously.”

As development partner for the new Etobicoke Wellness Centre, the company takes particular pride in supporting Etobicoke General Hospital. “The investment that’s being made in Etobicoke is just like a breath of fresh air for the community,” she said.

In addition to handling construction of the new Etobicoke Wellness Centre, which opened in September 2018, Morguard will oversee the building’s operations for the next 40 years. “Morguard is going to be vested in Etobicoke General Hospital and in Etobicoke, so putting our support here makes a lot of sense,” said Margaret. “In fact, supporting the entire William Osler Health System makes a lot of sense for us. Morguard operates a huge shopping centre in Brampton, Bramalea City Centre, which we’ve deployed as part of the support for Osler, by virtue of being in close proximity to Brampton Civic Hospital and being able to participate in a more focused way.”

Morguard is also committed to sustainable development. The new Etobicoke Wellness Centre will achieve LEED Gold status when it is certified, which means it meets criteria for being sustainable in its construction, in its methodology of construction and how it’s going to be operated.

“This is an investment that I think will reap tremendous rewards for the benefit of the community. When we invest in things like health and education, we’re investing in our community for the future, and there’s nothing more sustainable than that.”