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Rosemary Pauer


May 14, 2019 - Patient Story, Stories

Ways to give

In 2009 Rosemary Pauer learned she had an incurable type of blood cancer. She’s responded well to treatment and credits Dr. Stephen Reingold, Senior Medical Oncologist, Brampton Civic Hospital, with keeping her active and feeling good. “He always has hope, even when things maybe weren’t so good,” she says. “Over the years I’ve come to appreciate him because he treats me like a person, not the next file. You’re not frightened to go to the oncology clinic when you’ve got a doctor like him.” 

The Grateful Patient program is the ideal way for Mrs. Pauer to recognize Dr. Reingold. 

“People are not always appreciative of their doctors—especially if the news isn’t good,” she says. “But they work so hard and the Grateful Patient program is a good way to let them know you care.” 

Dr. Reingold isn’t the only Osler physician for whom Mrs. Pauer has shown gratitude. “I cut my leg badly and the doctor at the Urgent Care Clinic was so lovely and gentle stitching me up that I made a donation in his honour,” she says. “My diagnosis has taught me to appreciate life more, and also the people who help me get through it.”

100% of the equipment within our hospitals is funded by the community. Learn more about making a donation in honour of an Osler caregiver here.