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Meet Renu Maud


April 9, 2024 - Donor Story, Hospital Family Story, Stories

Meet Renu Maud

With a remarkable 18-year tenure at Osler, Renu Mand consistently contributes in the fast-paced environment of the emergency department’s triage area at Etobicoke General, juggling this commitment with her professional role at RBC. A chance encounter with a fellow commuter who shared their volunteerism story led Renu to embark on her own journey of giving back to the community.

Beyond handling administrative tasks and ensuring smooth patient flow, Renu excels in guiding visitors, and extends her impact by training new volunteers. Despite the evolving nature of health care, Renu remains steadfast, driven by the delight of making a difference and witnessing the gratitude of those she serves.

“As an Etobicoke resident, I see the impact the hospital makes on our community and it brings me so much joy to make a contribution and to know I am making a difference.”

Join Renu in making a difference to health care in our community today!