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OR Nurse Spotlights Impact of Community Giving


May 10, 2022 - Hospital Family Story, Stories

Danuta Zygmunt

"I helped make a difference in their life.”

Meet Danuta Zygmunt, a Registered Nurse for Etobicoke General Hospital, who has worked in the Operating Room (OR) for over 30 years. Working shifts and assisting multiple surgeries daily, Danuta’s job can be physically and mentally demanding but she never lets that affect the passion she has for her work and patients.

“I can’t imagine working in a different department; I love being part of the OR team,” said Danuta. “When the surgery is performed, often times you can see the improvement in the patient right away. It brings me so much joy knowing that I helped make a difference in their life.”

Danuta also knows the impact updated and specialized equipment makes in keeping the OR running efficiently. “Hospitals rely on community donations to replace aging equipment and purchase additional tools,” said Danuta. “These donations mean more than you might think, they can actually improve scheduling and help us to complete more surgeries daily.”

Danuta wants donors to know that their gift will go directly into the hands of our Health Care Heroes.  Your support is needed to fund essential surgical equipment to help us meet the increased demand. As we recover from the global pandemic, we know that having quality health care close to home is so important. Your continued support is needed – we are stronger together.

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