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Osler Employee Giving: Beverley Burns


February 22, 2024 - Donor Story, Hospital Family Story, Stories

Osler Employee Giving: Beverley Burns

Becoming a member of the Employee Giving Committee was an easy decision for Beverley Burns, Osler’s Director of Employee and Labour Relations and Volunteer Services, as she believes in the importance of giving back to our community hospitals.

When she came to Osler in April of 2019, she immediately signed up to donate through payroll deductions.

Beverley brings 30 years of experience practising law to her position, specializing in labour relations and employment law. When she started working for another hospital nine years ago she was surprised to discover that all hospital equipment is funded by the community.

“That’s when I realized it’s really important that we all do our bit,” she says. “So back then I started payroll deductions—and when I joined Osler, I just signed up right off the bat.”

With busy lives and all of the tasks on our to-do lists, Beverley says setting up payroll deductions simplifies the giving process. “It’s easy for me to do, so I’m able to make a charitable donation without a lot of difficulty. Plus, small regular deductions can be easier to budget than a larger withdrawal.”

As an Employee Giving Committee member, Beverley wants her colleagues to be aware of the opportunity to support the hospital with a donation. “The number one reason that people don’t donate is because nobody has asked them,” she says.

Beverley enjoys the personal feeling of satisfaction that comes from donating to a worthy cause. “I feel like I'm doing something good for somebody,” she explains.

When you become a donor, you will be in great company, while making a meaningful impact and supporting exceptional health care close to home.