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Physician Spotlight: Dr. Mahin Baqi


June 13, 2018 - Hospital Family Story, Stories

Physician, Etobicoke General

For Dr. Mahin Baqi, the transformation of Etobicoke General hits home. Twice. Because not only is she a Physician in the hospital’s Infectious Diseases and Infection Control Department, she lives in Etobicoke, the community she calls home. 

Dr. Baqi says excitement is building amongst Etobicoke General’s staff and physicians, as they watch the hospital’s bright future become a reality...and as they look forward to the impact of the hospital’s transformation on the community it serves. 

“Seeing patients get better is so rewarding, it motivates me every day. My most memorable experience as a physician was my first shift working at Etobicoke General – 20 years ago. It was so busy, and I was seeing the sickest patients. The physicians and staff worked so well together to treat those patients that, at the end of the shift, I just thought ‘this is the place to work’. It’s still like that today. The new space will make it an even more outstanding place to work.”

Physicians like Dr. Baqi make sure you get the best care possible, close to home, when it's needed most. Donate now to help equip our hospitals. 

BVD Group pledges $10 million to Osler Foundation to support health care in Brampton and Etobicoke

Thank you to BVD Group, Bikram Dhillon and the Dhillon Family!

As Osler continues to grow to meet the increasing demands in one of the most diverse communities in Canada, funds will go towards the local hospital system’s greatest equipment and redevelopment needs, and help strengthen health care in the community for years to come.

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