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Recreation Therapist makes meaningful impact on patients


July 26, 2022 - Hospital Family Story, Stories

Raising Funds for Creative Tools

When Amanda Kidnie was a teenager, a close friend got sick and suffered a stroke. It was the treatment her friend received that inspired her to pursue a career in health care.

“During my friend’s recovery journey, they incorporated things like swimming and other therapeutic recreation and it opened my mind to an understanding that health care can be more than just medicine,” said Amanda, who currently works as a Recreation Therapist for William Osler Health System. “I learned that you can help heal people in unique and creative ways and I felt really connected to the idea of having a career in recreation therapy.”

Amanda has been with William Osler Health System for over 10 years, first completing her internship as part of her University of Waterloo degree, and now as a full-time recreation therapist at both Brampton Civic Hospital and Etobicoke General Hospital.

“Throughout my time with Osler, I have been motivated by the patients to help improve their quality of life and to help them achieve their goals,” said Amanda. “I really like that we get to be really unique with each patient and find meaningful ways to inspire them so they will continue being physically active and adopt healthy leisure routines and behaviours to prevent future illnesses.”

Amanda and her colleagues adapt their therapy to each patient’s hobbies and interests, catering to a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and personal interests. They use board games with specialized pieces, books with larger print, art supplies, styluses for iPads, book holders, and other adaptive leisure equipment to help promote independence and recovery.

As many resources are needed and some are quite expensive, Amanda felt compelled to launch a fundraiser as part of Osler Foundation’s Celebrate Summer Challenge to help raise money for some of the resources her department needs.

“I’m a helper—I always have been and I know the impact that donations to Osler Foundation have on patients. I see it every day.”

Please donate to Amanda’s Recreation Therapy fundraiser to help her reach her goal of raising $1,000, or start your own Celebrate Summer Challenge.