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Staff Q & A: Dr. Razi Sayeed


January 24, 2024 - Hospital Family Story, Stories

Staff Q & A: Dr. Razi Sayeed, Corporate Chief Of Psychiatry And Medical Director, Department Of Psychiatry, Mental Health And Addictions and Donor

Tell us why you think it’s important to support Osler Foundation.

“Donations are so very important. For us to deliver the top notch care that we want to deliver to patients, we need resources. You cannot function as effectively as a clinician without them, and donors are most instrumental in helping us acquire these resources. Your gifts uplift the care we provide and helps us to deliver the most modern, most evidence-based care to our patients.

Our region has the lowest number of psychiatrists per capita in the province, so getting innovative technology, such as the rTMS clinic, helps retain and attract new psychiatrists in the field, while filling the gap in care.

By donating, you are raising the standard of living within the community.”

Make a difference to mental health care in our community today.