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Sunny Krishendeholl, Housekeeper, Sodexo


June 1, 2020 - Hospital Family Story, Stories

For housekeeper Sunny Krishendeholl, a patient room isn’t clean until he considers it good enough for himself or his family. In the face of COVID-19, his high standards and attention to detail are more important than ever.
“You start at the ceiling and you clean the high areas, the light, the walls—everything from top to bottom. Take out all the garbage, strip the bed, and complete all of the sanitization that is required for that room,” he says, describing the process for cleaning a patient room. “You have to take pride in doing that job and you have to be satisfied when you leave that room that yes, if my family or myself have to use this room, we would be happy to. If you are not happy, the patient won’t be happy.”
For housekeeping staff like Sunny, communication is key to ensuring the safety of patients and staff. “Before you go into a room, you have to communicate with the staff and nurses so we know exactly what the challenge of the room is, whether it's airborne or droplet precautions. Do I need an N95 mask? What PPE is required? We look for a sign outside the room, but we still communicate with the charge nurse so we are 100% clear on the direction,” he says. “Communication is the best policy in this pandemic. We have to make sure that we are both on the same page. That’s the goal.”
Sunny is proud of the work he and his Sodexo colleagues do across Osler’s three hospitals—with good reason. “We are here for the public, to serve the community and the people of Osler,” he says. “We all have a responsibility, we have a role to play, but at the end of the day we are a family—we are a team.”
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