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Volunteer Profile: Mary Power


April 26, 2022 - Hospital Family Story, Stories

Volunteer Profile: Mary Power, Ambulatory Procedures

After retirement, Mary Power sought new ways to keep busy. She started volunteering twice a week in 2013, cuddling babies and helping in Endoscopy. She also knit countless hats to warm new babies.

Mary now divides her time between Endoscopy and Cystoscopy, helping patients prepare for procedures. “I find some patients are very nervous,” she says. “I’m in a position to help them relax. I’m a chatty person so I yatter on. And a lot of them have said to me, ‘I’m so glad you talked to me because I was so scared.’”

With the emergence of COVID-19, Mary spent almost a year screening patients before happily returning to her previous position.

Known as “the cake lady,” she has baked up to 100 goodies at a time for doctors, nurses and staff. “The staff in those two departments are absolutely terrific,” Mary says.